Sabayah with Goat Sauce

This dish was simply delicious. The sabayah were light and fluffy and the sauce was yummy.


  1. I recently found out about your blog through somali topix. And i was immedietly fascinated by your story. Mansha Allah. And even more fascinated by your cooking skills. May Allah reward you for the wonderful recipes and dua you are giving to the world. I am looking to improve my cooking and learn atleast 10 different somali dishes. Starting with sabayah, that's the hardest. So, thank you again. Ramadaan Kariim. Salaamu Calaikum.

    Somali sis from san diego, ca

  2. Salaamu Calaikum Amina. I just have to ask. how did you learn all this somali cooking? Mansha Allah. Were you a chef before or have taken cooking classes? Ramadaan Kariim once again.

    Ayan: San Diego, Ca


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