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Sooo tired

Hi everyone,

I cooked so many different things yesterday. I am trying the get the everyday cooking out of the way. I have so many Ramadan recipes to make time for.

Coming Soon

Well I have posted up more pics. I will try to post their recipes this weekend. I will be making 4 different types of bread this weekend. Pita, naan, battura, and poori. The last 3 are not Somali but they are soooo good.

So far I have a slideshow with 13 dishes.

This weekend I plan on making somali cake and coconut bars. I also plan on making 2 types of hot sauce.

If you are looking for anything in particular just let me know and I will try to get the recipe.

Thanks and peace

Tammy (Amina)

Just a thought

I was thinking that I would post all my recipes, not just the Somali ones. With Ramadan in a few short months, I think many of you could benefit from my cooking. I go totally nuts during Ramadan. I experiment all the time with new recipes. I also picked up tons of recipes from when I was in Saudi.

My Somali neighbor finally showed me how to make sambusa wrappers from scratch. For those of you that have never tried tuna sambusas you are in for a big surprise. I also make cheese sambusas.

You know I really think my husband is spoiled. I do not dress up the food to take pics. So what you see is really what I served my family.

Last night we had lasagna, baked chicken, garlic bread, and a salad. Oh ya, I can't forget the pineapple upside down cake.

Coming Soon

Well I have taken some pics of the last couple meals. I just need to type out the recipes.

Sukkhar for rice (pictured on rice dish), pasta with meat sauce (gr. beef), lamb, salad, anjera, sukkhar #1 for anjera, and tandoori chicken.

I will try to post these in the next couple of days.

The following recipes will be posted within the week:

chicken sukkhar for muffo
soor with thyme and parmasean
spinach and onions
tomato sauce for soor

My Story

Well my life has had many twists and turns. I was raised in a Roman Catholic family in Timmins, Ontario. Coming from a very small town I was pretty ignorant of other religions and cultures. For years I was very unhappy. I contemplated suicide on many occasions. One day, I met a really nice girl. She seemed so happy and so full of life. I craved for that kind of happiness. She told me that she was Christian and that in order for me to have the same kind of happiness I would have to accept Jesus Christ as my savior and to acknowledge that he died for my sins.

I started hanging out with her and going to bible studies. But, no matter how hard I studied I could not grasp the concept of the trinity. I use to pray and beg God to help me understand and to fill me with the holy ghost. After a while I realized that something was not right. How could God turn away from me? Here I was, begging for the faith that my friend had. I finally decided that maybe I was going down the wrong…

Welcome to my blog!

This is the first time that I have attempted to make a blog. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.