Somali Cake

This is a very simple cake. This spongy dessert is perfect with tea or coffee.

6 eggs; separated
1 cup sugar
1/2 tsp. cardamom powder
1 cup flour; sifted

1. Whip the egg whites on high until soft peaks form.
2. Add the sugar and cardamom; continue mixing.
3. Add the egg yolks one by one.
4. Fold the flour into the mixture.
5. Bake in a pre-heated 300 F oven for 45 minutes.
6. Cool on a wire rack.


  1. I have been trying ti find a recipe like this, so easy, so simple...
    thank you so much Tammy and i wish you all the best in your future recipes
    -- I'm the first to write here, and i am honored. THANKS!

  2. no problem
    btw--the lines on the top of the cake were an accident
    the rack made the impressions

  3. i want to try the recipe. do i need to use self-raising flour or just plain flour? if i use plain flour do i need to add baking powder? thank you

  4. I used plain flour. The eggs and the sifted flour is what gives the cake lift.

  5. hey try this cake,

    * First batter:
    * 100 grams butter
    * 200 grams sugar
    * 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
    * 4 egg whites
    * 125 grams hazelnuts
    * 200 grams self-rising flour
    * 150 millilitres milk
    * Second batter:
    * 100 grams butter
    * 150 grams sugar
    * 4 egg yolks
    * 200 grams self-rising flour
    * 150 grams milk

    Prepare a greased with flour covered large baking pan.

    Mix batter 1 and place into the baking pan.

    Mix batter 2 and place it on top of the first batter.

    Bake in a fan forced oven (180 degrees C) for about 50 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean.

    If desired dust with icing sugar, enjoy!

  6. Asalamu alkium warahmutuallahi wabaraktu sister mashallah may Allah reward you its been so long that i was looking for easy, quick somali food recipes. Thank you girl so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! i added your page to my favorite...:)

  7. Asalamu aleykum Sister Tammy
    Thank you so much..... for all these easy recipes. I have just started to learn how to cook.I'm glad that I run across your homepage.I would always get confused; when my mom would tell how to make a particular dish. She doesn't use any measuring equipments.Once again, thank you so much for posting all these wonderful recipes.

    Fatima Jafar
    P.s I have written to you email id contains..... 2003.

  8. oops,bake cake with out baking powder and not using self rising flour

  9. yup
    and it comes out real nice

  10. thank you my sisters how you teach us how to co ok becouse we neva knew how we cook befor

  11. HI!
    You have a very great blog, and you write in a very funny way:).
    It's nice to read you're blog.
    I'm from somali and have made that cake many times. It's nice to see that someone share good recipes with others.

    Keep writing!!


  12. I tried the recipe with regular flour but I didnt get the lift you talk about. It was very heavy and solid but it still tasted like it would go great with some tea. Any suggestions on how to get that soft fluffy lift I see in the picture?

  13. The other day I made this was a disaster!! But I know what I did wrong. You need to make sure that you don't overly mix the flour. Gently FOLD it.

  14. salam
    i love ur cooking! it makes me feel proud of my somali country! not because of the food but the rich culture! i have a question i need you to answer. In somali weddings are there cakes. like huge wedding cakes,sort of lke the american cakes. i really need you to answer it b/c ur the only one.


  15. walal how long will it take

  16. Hey Why do you show us how to make only somali food why cant you show u how to make some american chocolate cake...huuuuh?

  17. jazakallah khayr sister...this helped out a lot...and much easier than asking my mom for a recipe so she can scold me haha...thank you again!!

  18. I made this cake, and didn't research what "folding" meant, so of course, it was a disaster! It was flat, and soggy in the middle, even after 2.5 hours cooking!

    I do think (for us moron baking virgins) your recipe would benefit from clearly specifying plain flour, we in the UK don't have flour marked "all purpose", so I was a bit lost and confused for a while. Of course, I should have read the comments which followed the recipe, but the recipe could do with a little more how-to detail in my opinion.

    Also, perhaps you should briefly describe what folding is, so surfers don't have to access other websites in order to understand. As far as I could find, it is gently using a metal spoon to slowly work in the flour with a side-ways figure eight motion.

    Also, you did not stress that the "peaks" in the egg white mix are actually air bubbles, this resulted in my not getting the lift I needed from my initial mixing of the eggs. I stopped mixing when I did not have enough bubbles.

    Once I informed myself of these crucial factors (via other sponge cake recipe sites), I was able to make the perfect Somali cardamom sponge cake, just like the ones I have bought in Somali shops! Your measurements were spot on I, must say! Thank you for taking the time to put up these gems of recipes!

    And if you are able to make your recipes idiot-proof, I will be very impressed. As it was, it is not your fault I do not know which end of the spoon is up in the kitchen! The only problem, if any, is that you assume all your readers are experienced cooks, which is not always the case!

    London Lover.

  19. jazaka laahu kheyr yaa sister. I have tried this cake before and was not successful. Now I followed your recipee and I finally made the cake, I am very happy may Allah reward you Janatul Al Firdowsa.


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