Chicken Sukhar with Anjera

This chicken sukhar can be eaten anytime. You can serve it with bread, muufo, or anjera.


  1. Masha Alah, you made me hungry.

    I hope I'll mary girl who can make all that food.

  2. Wow.. Tammy I never knew Injera could be so yummy! I was at an Ethopian class, and just learnt how to make them... I have been eating them ever since. Luckily I got the starter from this amazing lady who taught the class.

  3. god bless you for keeping our culture alive here in america,canada and the entire world

  4. I'm making this combo for the first time today. I hope everything turns out right, insha'allah.
    Thank you for your amazing recipes.
    My honey appreciates it.

  5. (Jazakalah kheyr) Mansha alla waad nooleysay cunto dhaqameedkii Soomaaliyed.


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