Halwa from HELL

Ok..So my second attempt at making halawa didn't really turn out any better than my first. The first time I made it, my husbands friend almost broke his tooth. It was like eating rubber. It tasted great but once you bit into it, it was almost impossible to get it off of your teeth. Now for my second attempt, well it tastes exactly the same as the first one. But, it has the same consistancy as let say....very thick applesauce. The only way I was able to cut it, was to partially freeze it.
I took pics anyway. Hopefully someone can tell me what exactly I did wrong.


  1. Dont worry sister, just keep on trying, insha allaah u will succeed and become professional just like with the other dishes :)

    Im so excited about ur blog, i keep coming here all the time.

    Yesterday i made somalian rice, insha allaah today im gonna try to make sabayah with beef potatoe sauce, i will let u know how did it go insha allaah.

    i tried sabayah long ago a couple of times, it was horrible lol , i hope this time it turns out better, as i have the recipes now alhamdulillaah.

    Umm Anas

  2. sister halwa is very hard to make my mother in law won'nt even teach me because she said it takes too long and she is allways getting burned lol

  3. Assalau alaaikum

    It's Aisha (aisha barbie facebook) hmm how do u make your halwa... I don't think i saw the recipe up here... My habo(aunt) when she makes it..she uses ghee....nuts sometimes and sugar....i'm not sure if there is anything else but like the key to it.. is to always keep stiring because if you don't it goes to lumps...unever cooking..and also it become very hard... oh and the heat.. because if the heat is to high the suger burns.. I'm sure you know all this...I'm just trying to do this from memory.. but if you can do this... that means your ready to head of to somalia and show them what you got because very few can make halwa...

    So mashAllah.. and jazakAllah khair for some very interesting recipes.. because unfortanly when it comes to somali cooking.. most people thinks it.. basto... biris.... and so on.. so jazakAllah khair

    you sister aisha

  4. sister i know how to make hawla and the one i make is not hard. halwo takes time to learn don't put on a high heat level make sure your temperture is on a mediam level. most people have oily halwo or they over mix it. i only mix my halwa every other 30min and put on a low heat so it won't get burned...my family have a coffee shop every day we make halwo trust me it's not hard....................the only hard thing about it is the time that it takes to be on the stove.......

  5. i know how to make halwa. first use nonstick pot 5lbs sugar+4cups extra sugar 1bag of corn starch 9cups of water 1more cup 2 mix w/corn starch 2cup of ghee 2cups of oil,red/orange food color, nutmeg,hail.i use tea w/the food color. u have to let it cook for 2and half to 3hrs.and u dont have to stir that much bcuz of the pot and i use it on high.i stir the last 30min.hope this is helpful

  6. the key is to use the dark,edgy on the outside, nonstick on the inside digsi.it makes halwa pleasure to cook.


  7. LoL @ Halwa from Hell atleast you tried (I never tried making it but i beleive it does worth a try).
    May Allah have his Mercy upon you and your family on this Blessed day of Eid-al_adha(2009)

    Fatima Sharif

  8. loll you are the best nonSomalia cooker i ever seen

  9. if you keep trying i think you will be really good at it:)))))

  10. Salam,
    This looks very good and my mom has been trying to teach me how to make baris and basto and everything.. but when we found this website she was sooooo happy because i can finally learn from recipe! Last night I made dorsho and it was delicious!!! Thank-you
    -Faiza Salleh


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