Somali Children and their Bananas


  1. So precious! Just shows you how strong the genetic link for loving moos is :-) And yes, banana in baasto and rice tastes awesome!

  2. sister don't waste your time you can be growing in eemaan or serving your deen in the time you run this blog remember the grave & work for your akhira you will be asked how you spent every moment of your life. muslims have bigger things to worry about than their bellies also taking pictures is haram if it contains souls with great punishment as in hadith

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for the advice. I am curious though, you obviously know I am Muslim and don't even give me the salam.

  4. ^Assalamu Alaikum,

    Please ignore her Tammy. You are doing a great service. My family feeds on good meals because of food inspired by your blog. You don't know how many people appreciate it.

    Nobody is born with the knowledge to cook...everyone learns, and you are a great teacher.

    Jazakhallah and please continue!

    P.S. Anonymous - you said that she should consider how she spends every minute of the day. Well, in the time you wrote that comment you could have read a couple of ayahs of Qur'an or read some duas. So please get off the computer, follow your own advice, and spend YOUR time wisely. You obviously did not happen on this blog by searching for Islamic articles.

  5. Tammy has helped me cook few meals for my husband and kids. They appreciated it and were quite happy. THey even send dua on to tammy for her blog. this blog is for people like us. keep going tammy. i do appreciate your efforts.


  6. hi
    tammy i need your help to learn how to cook.cuz i'm a mom who is not a good cooker.pls help me.

  7. Assalamu Aleykum

    I really love your blog im married a english women married to a somali and thanks to you i have suprised my husband with some great somali dishes :-D Mash'Allah and your boys are so cute Insh'Allah ill have some one day

    salaam xx

  8. I agree, your dishes are great, and mashallah, your kids are adorable :) . I've never heard of having bananas with spaghetti before; now I'm tempted to try it.

  9. Ibrahim aka BorisMay 29, 2010 at 8:54 PM

    Hi Tammy,
    As a revert Polish man married to Somali lady, I appreciate all your efforts in making all those great meals...and yes, my two sons love bananas... It's a Somali thing indeed :)
    May Allah grant you ajaar for your efforts ..ameen and you do have a lovely family.
    Ibrahim aka Boris

  10. I love how your kids are eating from the same bowl!!

  11. I am a canadian man who is marrying a Somali women and I love this site as I try to make her a Somali dish every week. Wad mahad santahay

  12. Tammy can i just say how much i appreciate your blog, your an inspiration. i love your recipes and enjoy trying them out, as a somali man i love cooking, and your recipes have inspired me to take it further, thank you so much.. allah bless you and your family.

  13. Lool mashallah they are SOOO sweet
    Imma have to try that !

  14. Asalaamu Alaykum.
    Tammy may allah reward you.
    Iam Somali man,i wasnt know how to cook at all,and now i can kook many Somali dishes,thanks to Allah,i learn many thing from you.
    (Allah Awlaada ha kuu barakeeyo) Aamiin

  15. Tammy Mashallah Mashallah Mashallah Mashallah Mashallah Mashallah Mashallah Mashallah Mashallah Mashallah Mashallah Mashallah Mashallah Mashallah Mashallaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Ya UKHTI

    (ALTHOUGH secretly im raging with jealousy) SUBXAANALLAH :(


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