Sabayah! Sabayah! and more Sabayah!

Dear readers

I have been experimenting with the plain sabayah. I have created 13 very delicious (and some interesting) recipes.


  1. Assalaamu Alaikum Warrahmatullah,

    Masha Allah sister, you are very creative. I love Sabaayah and so does my little one. This is a sneaky way of getting her to eat her vegis. Jizaak Allah, once again. :)

  2. Asalamu Aleikum WarahmatulLah sis,

    I am so proud of you and I follow your blog and the good food. Gacantaada Alle hakuu maceeyo. Maxaad buug u qoreynin walaalo ama waadba qortay.
    Thanks for the all recipes

    Somali sis from Sweden

  3. The making of the Sabayah is almost the same as the making for the Moroccan bread Msemmens. Even the ingredients are close. I will make them your way inshaAllah. JazakAllah for the gorgeous recipes you put here x


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