Somali Rice

Somali rice is one of the most delicious rice dishes in the world. I have tasted many versions of this rice, but nothing compares to the rice you would find at a Somali restaurant. I spent over 10 years (don't laugh) trying to figure out how the restaurants make their rice. Alhamdulillah, while I was in Saudi Mohamed's friend, who owned a Somali restaurant, showed me how to make it. ENJOY!!!!

This was served with goat. I have had some request for goat so I decided to make it. For starters, goat needs to cook for a long time. I boiled mine for 2 hours and it still didn't melt in your mouth. Boil it to your liking. I didn't throw away the liquid, I made a broth.


  1. Thanks Amina for posting this. I couldn't actually find the recipe however for the goat. Could you post it please? Also whats the special technique or ingrediant that the restaurant uses for the rice...the goat broth or something else?

  2. The goat recipe will be up tomorrow. I think the secret is that they bake it in the oven. they also use broth to make the rice. THe also use a spice called hawaji, which is a combination of cumin, corriander, and cardamom.

  3. Hi Tammy,

    Great recipes. I'd love to try the restaurant style recipe but the links don't work for the Somali Rice with an Onion and Raisin Garnish, and the Goat Broth.

    Daft question - for recipes which require chicken stock, which stock do you use - or do you make your own stock and how?

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