My dear brothers and sisters, peace.

I have noticed that many Somali men and women are visiting my site. I would just like to remind everyone that not all the recipes are Somali. Many are for Ramadan.

I would really love your comments and suggestions.

Sincerely, Amina


  1. Asalamu aleykum, sister Amina.
    My husband just emailed me your link. I think it's wonderful, that you took the time and effort to combine this. May Allah bless you InshaAllah.

    I'm from Somalia myself and so is my husband. It's refreshing to see this blog. I think the reason my husband emailed me, is so that I can cook more Somalian food, lol!

    I will inshaAllah use these recepies as they look very yummy.

    Ramadan Karim & soon to be Eid Mubarak, InshaAllah.


  2. Wa alaikum salam

    Thank you for the kind words. I would really love any comments or suggestions. I am always trying to improve my recipes.

    I am on Facebook as well. If you have a facebook account just add me by typing Tammy Gale

  3. Hey Tammy/Amina,

    I found you on a Somali site. You're very creative and I love your recipes. Cute family, mashallah.

    By the way, there is a Somali cook book by Barni Ali if you're interested. Bye and take care.

  4. wa alikum salaam sister
    I realy like your recipes because I love cooking and recipes from all over the world.I have a question for you: I realy love the somali sambosa but I cant find a good recipe ,would you like to publish your recipe on this blog insha allah?
    wa alikum salaam sis ameena

  5. Salaam Tammy i just wanted to thank you for these recipes and please keeep up the great work.....your wonderful

  6. as salaam alaiki amina,

    may allah reward you for the wonderful recipes and fantastic pictures, everything on the site is marvelous.

    barakallah feeki umm ubayd


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