Assalamu Alaikum my dear brothers and sisters,

May Allah accept all your fasts. Ameen.



  1. AssalamuAlaykum Sis
    Ramadan Kareem to u and ur family as well.

    MashaAllah I am very impressed with your conversion story and you are blessed with adorable children mashaAllah!! :)

    Thanks a lot for sharing wonderful and easy recipes. :)

    Love you lots

  2. asalamu alaycum sister

    congratulations on the this site, you done something that most of us couldn't do. maybe we didn't have the time or dare to. I was looking for something like this for years THANK you I LOVED IT. simple and nice. Am a somali lady and don't know half the food recepi here, like to eat it though. masha'allah keep it going. Forget about the bad comments. just jealous. May allah help them.

  3. Nice website. I am looking for a recipe called Mushmush (not sure if this is the spelling). I think is not a common Somali dish but some do make it. Have you ever tried it,if so please share.


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