Spicy Fried Chicken

1 lbs. chicken pieces; skinned
1 egg; beaten
1 cup milk
2 1/2 ts. salt
1 1/2 ts. pepper
3/4 ts. cayenne pepper
3/4 ts. MSG
1/4 ts. garlic powder
1/2 ts. baking powder
oil for frying

1. In a bowl, mix the egg with the milk; set aside.
2. In a container or Ziplock bag, combine the rest of the ingredients, cover and shake.
3. Dip the chicken into the egg and milk mixture.
4. Then, put into the flour; shaking to coat all the pieces. (Don't put more than 4 pieces in at a
5. Take each piece out making sure to shake off any extra flour.
6. Heat the oil in a deep pan that has a lid; add the chicken and fry until golden brown.
7. Chicken is cooked once the liquid runs clear.
8. Remove with tongs and drain on paper towel.


  1. MSG is really bad for u

  2. Assalamu alikum
    what is MSG

  3. MSG stands for Monosodium Glutamate. Some people say it is bad for ou. I don't know how though.

  4. do you have to use MSG? wouldnt even know where to get it

  5. I think msg is derived from pork sis...

  6. MSG is a type of yeast. It is a flavour enhancer. You can leave it out of your recipe though.

  7. Monosodium glutamate, also known as sodium glutamate and MSG, is a sodium salt of the naturally occurring non-essential amino acid glutamic acid. Wallahi, I never heard it being haram, and yemeni women use it in cooking all the time mashaAllah


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