So many desserts

I bet some of you are wondering if my desserts are Somali. They are not! I am adding tons of easy dessert recipes because Ramadan is in 12 days and many people have guests during Ramadan (I know I do.) If you are looking for a specific recipe, let me know.




  1. salamoalekom Amina ,
    I'soo happy with your helpful site :)) keep it up ;))
    i wanna tell you a little secret , my aim in the future is to be a famous cook :)) i adore cooking & i know many recipes .my family & friends love all what i cook :)) so if you need any recipe especialy egyptian recipe please let me know .
    take care & keep in touch

  2. assallammu alaikum sister,
    you may like this recipe


  3. Assalamu Alaikum Lujane

    I checked out the link you gave me and I will definitely make it. Thanks


  4. Assalaamu Alaikum
    Lovely blog ukhtee!! mashaAllah! I see you like desserts. I can't wait to browse through everything and try something new out.
    Thanks for adding me on facebook. I have a blog as well at

    jazakallahu khairan!

    walaikum salaam

    Umm Isa Khadija

  5. wa alaikum salam sis

    Actually I rarely make desserts. I made them just for the blog because I know that many people are looking for easy dessert recipes during Ramadan.

    I hope we can be good friends masha'Allah

  6. MashaAllah! same here. I actually met a sister here in our area that says she has met you once. Her name is Aimee and used to live in Toronto and she mentionned you were in TO before. Where are you now?

  7. Wa alaikum salam

    Masha'Allah I know Aimee. We lived close to each other in Regent park. How is she?

    I am now in Edmonton. Great place!

  8. Aimee is good mashaAllah! She was just here the other getting some henna done for when her hubby comes home.

    Edmonton nice!! I'm glad you like it there. We just moved here to Brampton and that's where I met Aimee. Our kids take karate together.

  9. swaggggggg fuck u basterds


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