Orange Dream Cheese Cake

2 cups crushed graham crakers
1/2 cup butter; softened
1 package orange jello
10 pieces of Kiri cheese
1 package of whip cream (There are 4 in each box, use 1)
1 can gishta (cream)
1 cup hot water

1. Heat 2 cups of crushed graham crackers with the butter; stir until lightly browned.
2. Pour into a deep dish and pack down to make it even: freeze to cool it down a bit.
3. In a cup, add the jello and the hot water; stir and coll it a bit by putting it into the freezer.
(Make sure it doesn't get hard.)
4. In a blender, add the cream, Kiri cheese, whipped cream, and the jello; blend until it is mixed
and creamy.
5. Pour it on top of the graham cracker mixture and put in the fridge for 5 hours.


  1. assallammu alaikum sister,
    do you think it would be ok to substitute cream cheese for the kiri cheese?

  2. wa alaikum salam sis

    Wallahi I don't know. It should be ok though. I will try it. If you make before I do let me know how it turns out.


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