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I was thinking that I would post all my recipes, not just the Somali ones. With Ramadan in a few short months, I think many of you could benefit from my cooking. I go totally nuts during Ramadan. I experiment all the time with new recipes. I also picked up tons of recipes from when I was in Saudi.

My Somali neighbor finally showed me how to make sambusa wrappers from scratch. For those of you that have never tried tuna sambusas you are in for a big surprise. I also make cheese sambusas.

You know I really think my husband is spoiled. I do not dress up the food to take pics. So what you see is really what I served my family.

Last night we had lasagna, baked chicken, garlic bread, and a salad. Oh ya, I can't forget the pineapple upside down cake.


  1. ASC Dear Tammy/Amina and family,

    It was really inspiring and touching to come across your name, your story and your blog on Facebook which intrun brought me here.

    I am a Somali development worker in Somalia. I am originally from Holland.

    I am so deeply inspired by your strength, courage and the confidence you radiate and with which you subdue all others with the vocal culture in you. You have a happy and healthy family; manshallah manshallah!

    Please visit my blog sometimes and leave a comment:-(

  2. the food recipes are just mouth-watering!!!!!!!

  3. salaams amina... ive followed you from facebook..... masha Allah your confindence is truely inspiring.


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