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First, I must apologize for the picture. I am using my laptop and I don't have Photoshop installed on it. I will clean it up tomorrow. Today was a day of experimenting. Instead of water for the sabayah, I used milk. It tasted great and was flaky, but wasn't up to my usual standard.
I am trying to figure out what I did wrong. The beautiful dark spots on the sabayah just fall off. If anyone knows why this happened please let me know. As for the stew...this was absolutely yummy. This would be good with
muuffo or anjera as well.


  1. i cannot find a recipe for your chicken and spinach stew... only sabayah

  2. now i can find it all. brilliant. thanks.

  3. Assalamu alaikoum!
    I've been making meals for my husband and his friend to take to work (they are both from Djibouti, so this site has been helpful). Well last night, I sent him off with this, he didn't end up going to work, but instead ate with his coworker and another Djiboutian friend. He came back home at 2am and told me they were commenting about my food, they said the equivalent of "may God grant her whatever she asks for tonight". I had to laugh this afternoon when I remembered this and wondered if it was a dream. It is confirmed that it wasn't.

    Anyway, in sha'Allah the baraka will be passed on to you for posting such a great recipe, it is definately going in my recipe box.

    Wa mahad santahai!



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