Somali Cookbook

Somali Cuisine is the first of its kind to hold traditional Somali recipes, practiced and passed orally through generations of women. This cookbook represents a strong history of Somali women throughout the ages. The methods in preparing the dishes have been modified from the customary way to fit the use of technologies in the modern kitchen. Dishes such as maraq bilaash and sambuusi use various ingredients that contribute natural flavors and give these meals their unique taste. Follow the link below to purchase the book.


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  2. nice book, I love cookbooks.

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  4. Salaam abaayo,
    Do you own this book?
    I've noticed you use it as reference for a few recipes, so, I know you would recommend it, so I ask if you do.
    All in all, have a good day.

  5. Yes I own this book. Masha'Allah the author has given me permission to use it.

  6. amazing somali dhishes.lovely///// please afsomali ku qor waayo somali badan ayaan soo booqan lahayd webkaaga. thanks

  7. this is an amazing cookbook i bought it for a friend who always calls me up asking me how to make certain somali food. Now he just looks up what he wants to make and follows the instructions.

  8. waxaa nii weediiyay buugan ma afsomali moo ku qornyahay intaan gadanin waxaa rabaa inaa ogaado inoo ku qoranyahay afsoomali plz isheega waxa leh buugan am cida gadatayba

  9. Where can I get this book:)?

  10. asc plz bookgan waan u bahnahay aniga iyo saxiibaday hadii uu jiro asaga oo afsoomali ah ii so sheegaa waana mhadsan tihiin

  11. every somali woman makes her food differently

    -somali american


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