My Somali prince and his first haircut.

I really wanted to let my dear Ibrahim's hair grow. It looks quite nice when it is combed. I decided to cut it after so many people were complimenting me on my "daughter". I got tired of telling people that he was a boy. When I walked in to the hairdresser, she turned around and said "why would you want to cut her lovely hair?" It was so funny because Ibrahim looked at her and said, "I am not a girl, I am a big boy!" You should have seen her face. She was so embarrassed. What I don't get is that how can people mistaken him for a girl. He dresses like a boy. He wears clothes with trucks and cars on it.

So he sits in a chair all excited until she puts this bright yellow cape on him. He screamed like crazy. You'd think she was cutting him or something. Well he survived and below you can see the results.



  1. mashAllah, he looks adorable with both short hair and long hair. But, I prefer the before pic :)


  2. mashAllah what a doll baby.

  3. Mashallah he looks so cute:)

  4. OMG, masha'Allah, he's adorable... Okay, we're hooking him up with my first daughter when they're old enough. :)

  5. Same thing happened with my yonger one,as elder was a boy n he had nice beutiful long hairs, everyone assumed him to be a girl....

  6. masha'allah he is a very smart boy may allah bless him! loool his long hair looks funny


  7. awww mashaAllah he's too adorable!

  8. awww he's adorable masha'Allah!!!

  9. mash'Allah he look so pretty i like the after pic!!!


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