Mecca Press and Cafe Muslimah

My dear brothers and sisters,

I would love to thank Mohamed Hussein of for featuring my blog on his website. is about to have a Halal cooking contest. They are looking for the best Youtube cooking video. The winner will receive $200. Please visit

I would also like to thank Noor for designing my blog. May Allah bless you my dearest. Noor is also the owner of a really cool forum. Cafe Muslimah is a wonderful website for Muslim women and women that wish to learn about Islam. You can sign up at


  1. Ahh thanks Tammy, I am far from done yet. I am just getting started I still have to get you a banner and some other things inshAllah soon. I have so much going on.

    Thanks for the other link, I enjoyed checking it out.

  2. I look forward to the banner

  3. MashaAllah the new blog design is lovely! Sister Noor is talented MashaALLAH!

    Keep up the great work sister Tammy :)


    Another wonderful Muslim board


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