This extremely easy dessert was soooo yummy. It isn't the prettiest "cake" in the world, but where it lacks in beauty really makes up in the taste. Masha'Allah!! Thank you Joy Luck's Kitchen for this awesome recipe. We LOVED it.

Recipe can be found at Joy Luck's Kitchen


  1. mashaallah!! that does look amazing! so did you follow the recipe to the t, or did you have to adjust some measurements?

  2. Assalamu Alaikum Juli

    I got home from the grocery store and realised that I forgot the milk. I ended up using thick cream instead. That is why there seems to be an icing.

  3. Wow, Cake looks so nice with perfect shape..
    Hey, Ya.. u can try my recipe, an post ur photos.. an link back to my blog..

  4. actually i think it looks did you get it to be so stripey inside masha'allah


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