Changing Things Around

Soo Dhawoow.......Welcome

As many of you have noticed I have been playing around with my blog. Blogging is new to me and I really don't know what I am doing! Any suggestions on how I can make this blog better would be greatly appreciated.



  1. salaam alaykum sister

    I dont have any suggestions other than that i like it this way, putting up the daily menu is good idea, so i would say continue this way :)

    Though it would make it easier, if u can put link to each dish that is included in the menu, sometimes i have hard time finding the recipes :)

    Fee amanillaah

    Umm A

  2. hi
    yeah a link to the recipes would be good, and maybe easy to follow you do video demonstrations like in youtube, videojug?

  3. Assalamu alaikoum,

    I agree..videos would be awesome! Also, one thing I notice, is when you see the slideshow of pictures, if you click on one, it doesn't bring you to the recipe for that photo. That would be awesome if it did, because sometimes I don't know how things are called, I just know what they look like, so when I see it, I want to make it.

    Other than that, your blog is very good masha'Allah, I noticed you have started putting daily menus, that is a great idea. Oh, another that might be good, (I don't know how much time would go into preparing something like this but...) is to have a weekly shopping bag, and recipes for that week, like the 1 Bag 5 Dinners on Kraft Canada. That way, you can group things with similar ingrediants together, and for unorganized people like me, it is great, because then I don't have to go to the grocery store every day, lol.

    But whatever you do, I'm sure it will be great, you have great ideas sister.



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