Digir iyo Baris (Beans and Rice)

2 cups pre soaked adzuki beans (Soak the beans overnight and then
measure 2 cups.)
1 cup basmati rice; cleaned and washed
2 3/4 cups chicken broth
2 chicken cubes

1. Bring stock and chicken cubes to a boil.
2. Add the beans and simmer covered for 10 minutes.
3. Add the rice and reduce the heat to very low.
4. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes.
5. Fluff with fork.

NOTE: This was a welcoming substitution for rice or pasta.


  1. we never eat this as a meal.We use sesame oil and sugar to flavor it after its cooked.You can use olive oil or butter.We eat it at night time for assho or late night meal.We also add white corn to the amboolo somtimes insteaf of rice.

  2. My husband usually ate this for breakfast when he was younger. I made the white corn for him the other day but the kids didn't like it.

  3. wish all young laidies learn from you

    you are those kind of original & will educated ladies
    not those today fast food ladies....

  4. i like to food. frome is somali .good food and eat

  5. Anbulo is very nice food. We use to eat athe night or friday morning whith dango and bunn. when we eat the nigh anbulo makes you warm. we som livng europa or amerika itis batter to eat night.

    my sister jija we can make anbulo corn, ris, and adre seeds. ew can eat sesam oil or butter

  6. walaahi
    you remind me ma mom here in the 'qurbbo'we dont eat our somli food .
    ut after i sow this i dont neet any thing else god bless you with all this efforts and thank you very much.peace

  7. Dear tammy try also digir(Moth bean) iyo galeey(HOMINY. Make the porpotion 2 cups digir and one cup galeey add water two cups and cook in low heat. add more water if it's requre, add pinch of salt. before putting off the fire tast and see if it is done. Serve it with olive oil or sasamum oil and sugar( if required).you can fry onion and put on the top before serving with somali tea.please if you want to use with onion do not add sugar.I hope you like it.

  8. waligeey ma maqlin cambuulo maraq digaag lagu daro cusbo o kaliye ayaan ku darsan jirnay wax kale waaye i dhaha lakin cambuulo mahan


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