Sukkhar (beef) with Onions and Green Peppers

1 lbs. beef; cut into thin strips
2 Tbs. olive oil
1/2 cube Maggi (chicken bouillon cube)
1 med. onion; sliced
1 sm. green pepper; sliced
1 tsp. minced garlic or 2 cloves
1 green chili

1. Brown the beef in the olive oil.
2. Add the Maggi cube and garlic and stir until the Maggi has dissolved.
3. Add the onion, green pepper, and chili; cook for 2 minutes. (I like the vegetables to be slightly

This can be served with anjera or bread.


  1. Hi Tammy/Amina,
    I came onto your site through the half-somali facebook group. I am dutch and danish and my boyfriend of 4 years is Somali, I checked out the group because I wanted to see what our kids would look like one day haha. Your children are beautiful btw Manshallah.
    I love seeing all your recipes, I Have been looking for Somali recipe's for so long now, and only found recipe's for suqaar and Zigni (the last one is technically Ethiopean I think). I always tell my Hooyo in law that she should make a recipe book, because I think Somali food tatses so good, but almost nobody knows it.
    I love to experiment in the kitchen so I always just improvise, but I will try some of your recipes and surprise my boyfriend. Your Canjera look amazing, how do you get them to have those rounds? When I make them and try to get the rounds in them they are never thin enough so I always just do without. By the way, you should try ading Cardemom, I believe it's called hiil in somali(not sure about the spelling) to your canjera. We basically use our canjeera's to scoop up whatever food we are eating, its namely good with Suqaar. I don't know if you have something called Nasi spices where you live, it is an Indonesian spice-mix, that also tastes really good in the Suqar. I use that, Maggi cubes and coriander in the suqaar. I'm not even sure it can be called suqaar anymore with all those spices, but it still tatstes delicious.
    It's so nice to find all these recipe's I will get experimenting in the kitchen rightaway!
    Great site.

  2. suqaar is my favourite and yours is so nice i get hungary from here aminaay you are doing wonderful job you did it wallahi your meneu is full wonderful book keep up the good work amina god bless you


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